Core Services

The services we provide our clients throughout Central America


Use and protection of our most importante resource

Futuris counts with personnel that have more than 6 years of experience working in hydrogeologic studies and water well’s drilling. We elaborate studies to characterize local aquifers, vulnerability to groundwater contamination, hydric balances to calculate aquifers recharge and we give support to obtain drilling and groundwater usage permissions.

  • Determine the vulnerability to contamination for  groundwater bodies inside specific sites
  • Knowing the conformation of an aquifer system
  • Obtaining legal and technical requirements for water wells drilling and exploitation
  • Obtain geologic and hydrogeologic information about the interest area
  • Make soil drillings with geologic descriptions by a geologist on field
  • Make hydrogeologic models that shows the conformation of an aquifer system and its parameters
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Having an understanding of an aquifer system that helps to know if its groundwater is contaminated or vulnerable to contamination
  • Knowing the existence and quality of groundwater under an specific interest site
  • Having all legal requirements to drill wells and use it’s water without concerning of having it sealed by environmental authorities
  • Support on wells design and installation to protect groundwater’s quality and the well’s efficiency

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