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Environmental Impact Assessment

Knowing your impact, then planning the actions

An environmental impact assessment identifies all the positive and negative consequences that an activity may have on the natural and social environment. Then a planning of the mitigating and corrective actions has to be done to achieve a balance that transform the project into a liable one.

  • Evaluate the environmental and social impact of proposed new developments and activities
  • Identify the major protect impacts, and identify mitigation strategies
  • Provide the underlying data for development licences and operating permits by environmental authorities
  • Preliminary environmental and social impact assessments
  • Full Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Full Social Impact Assessments
  • Multidisciplinary team, combining subject matter experts
  • Close collaboration with the wider development team
  • Clear, concise mitigation strategies and management plans, followed-through into the operations phase
  • Provides an essential base for a wide range of development planning and permissions
  • Close team collaboration means outputs and management plans make sense to the operations
  • Credible assessments that can withstand stakeholder scrutiny

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