Core Services

The services we provide our clients throughout Central America

Legal Compliance

Mantain legal requirements in your business

Futuris offers a supporting service for obtaining licenses and permits in a new operation, so as a constant support informing the business about any change in the regulations and maintaining the business’ operations and management with legal approvement.

  • Practical interpretation of new & existing laws and regulations
  • Assist businesses with adapting to new regulatory requirements
  • Provide incoming investors and start-ups with an understanding of the local regulatory climate
  • Compliance audits to determine if an organization meets current EHS legal requirements
  • Periodic briefings on environmental, safety and health laws
  • Country profiles summarizing laws for Central & South America, and UK
  • Legal compliance audits, specialising in Central & South America, and UK
  • Training sessions to develop competencies on new requirements
  • Assisting local regulatory authorities develop new legislation
  • Allowing business to stay ahead of new and evolving regulatory requirements
  • Credible insight to the regulatory context/climate for new business and start-ups
  • Allowing a business to deliver and sustain high levels of regulatory compliance

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