Core Services

The services we provide our clients throughout Central America

Due Diligence

Succesfull corporate operations

Our Due Diligence service provide a complete business assessment before a fusion or acquisition operation, giving every involved character strong knowledge and the main tools to achieve a successful negociation.

  • Provide critical EHS risk & liability analysis for mergers, acquisitions
  • Define costs and mitigating strategies to address material concerns
  • Provide investors/divestors with a strategy for enhancing the value of an asset/portfolio
  • Phase I environmental and key compliance site assessments
  • Review of key safety & health risks and liabilities
  • Applying international leading practice, e.g. US ASTM, EU risk based
  • Detailed records and background searches on target facility/entity
  • Reporting to specific investor needs: corporate; VCs; banks; vendors
  • Technical follow-up, including full Phase II & remediation capability
  • Collaboration with the wider due diligence team
  • Rapid field mobilisation; concise, focused and swift reporting
  • Investors fully aware of EHS risks, costs, mitigation strategies=strong negotiating position
  • Strong basis for vendors and investors to address issues and enhance the value of their portfolio
  • No surprises, contributing to the success of a transaction.

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