We are proud of our global and multi-sector project portfolio, in over 35 countries, providing us with valuable perspectives and expertise to share with our clients.


Arcelor Mittal (Costa Rica)

Phase II Evaluation

Phase II evaluation on a metallurgic plant due to historic sources of metal and hydrocarbons detected during Phase I. The investigation included Passive Soil Gas Screening and drilling of monitoring wells and soil borings to take soil and groundwater samples. The risk assessment showed that no remediation was required. A monitoring Plan was presented and approved by the Ministry of Health.

PNUD/MINAE (Costa Rica)

Soil sampling program for PCBs

Soil sampling program for PCBs at eight electrical substations, within the framework of the implementation of the project "Integrated Management of PCB in Costa Rica” of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Sample location was defined based on previous studies and collection of samples was based on internationally recognized methodologies.

El Higuerón (Costa Rica)

Phase II evaluation

Phase II evaluation due to historical hydrocarbon sources in a petrol station in which soil drilling and monitoring wells were made to determine hotspots and the area of impact. Low risk to sensitive receptors. However, given refurbishment of the station, the Remediation Plan included an in-situ bio-remediation with a reduction of the concentrations in soil from 500 mg/kg to non-detectable in three months.

Servicentro Nicoya (Costa Rica)


Biorremediation of sand and water with hydrocarbons within secondary containment of the fuel underground storage tanks (USTs) of a petrol station. Concentrations in water were successfully reduced from over 50000 μg/l to less than 100 μg/l, as required by the authorities.

Norfund (Latin America)

ESMS for financial institutions

External support to supervise implementation of environmental and social management system (ESMS) of ten financial institutions, based on IFC and EDFI Harmonized Standards. Assessment of the level of ESMS implementation; due diligence evaluations of potential FI’s to be included in the portfolio; and provision of technical assistance to key FI’s in which Norfund has vested interest.

 Arrend (Guatemala)

ESMS for a leasing company

Development and support on implementation of an environmental and social management system (ESMS) for a leasing company. Training to all personnel in the E&S processes and field training on specifically developed protocols to help risk analysts for due diligence evaluations of medium risk potential investments. Training of internal personnel reduced substantially the dependence on external experts.

 BCT Bank (Costa Rica)

ESMS for bank

Development and implementation of an environmental and social risk management system (ESMS) for a bank. Focus on riskier sectors (agriculture and construction). Training to all personnel in the E&S processes and to management in the importance and relevance of ESMS in current business. Field training on specifically developed protocols to risk analysts.

Waterman UK (Puerto Rico)

Phase I environmental and key H&S due diligence

Phase I environmental and key health and safety due diligence for the privatization of San Juan airport, Puerto Rico, on behalf of Waterman UK, for a banking consortium.

Medical devices manufacturing facility (Costa Rica)

Phase I post-acquisition due diligence

Phase I post-acquisition due diligence and environment, health and safety compliance assessment of a medical devices manufacturing facility.

RECOPE (Costa Rica)

ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001) Implementation

Development and implementation of an environment, safety and health management system (ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, currently ISO 45001) for a refinery and associated port operations. Carried out a thorough baseline risk assessment. Hazard awareness training to operations and support teams. Incorporated industry practice from experience with other oil & gas companies.

Saint Honoré (Panama)

ESMS for retail operation

Development and support on implementation of an environmental and social management system (ESMS) for offices, warehouse and stores in Panama City and Colon. Development of environmental and social standards for managing key risks at warehouses, offices and shops. Training of staff on hazards and risks and developed standards.

Hydroquébec (Canada)

Health & Safety coaching

On behalf of ERM, Health & Safety coaching of approximately 40 staff at hydroelectric construction project of La Romaine III and IV. Workshops and in-the-field coaching for managers and supervisors that focused on prevention of fatal accidents, importance of critical controls, abilities for identifying hazards, reducing risk tolerance, and increasing the levels of risk awareness.

Baxter (Worldwide)

ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001) Certification

ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification audits on behalf of ERMCVS for leading pharmaceutical and medical devices company at over 40 sites worldwide.

Anglo American (Worldwide)

Corporate safety and health audits

Corporate safety and health audits of surface and underground mining operations, for coal, copper, nickel, diamond and platinum operations and associated support infrastructure and activities.

Offshore drilling company (Gulf of Mexico, Australasia, UK and Brazil)

Audit program

Lead the offshore drilling audit program, that included Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs), deepwater drilling rigs, semi-submersibles and ships in Gulf of Mexico, Australasia, UK and Brazil; and provided assurance on the following: major accident hazard management, as defined by rig safety cases & Bow Tie risk analysis; asset integrity; delivery of Zero Incident Operations (ZIO) visibility and communication of this through the operations.

Establishment Labs (Costa Rica)

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and permitting

Environmental impact assessment and subsequent environmental operating permits for the greenfield construction and operation of a medical devices facility. Development of an erosion management to be used during the construction phase.

Aeris Holding (Costa Rica)

Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)

Environmental and social impact assessment, based on local compliance requirements and IFC standards, of the Juan Santamaría International Airport, to be used to determine priorities for the airport expansion.

Matthews (Costa Rica)

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and permitting

Environmental impact assessment (D1 process) and management of the environmental, safety and health operating permit process for an ink manufacturing business.

Istmo Law (Costa Rica)

Resource potential evaluation

Evaluation of the resource potential of a proposed limestone extraction project, and definition of the key permit submissions and approvals process.

Holcim (Costa Rica)

Risk assessment strategy

Development of a risk assessment hierarchy, baseline EHS risk assessment for cement kilning operations, and development of in-field pre-job risk assessment tools and techniques, and later upgrade of this tool for ten different activities.

Nyrstar (Peru)

Baseline environmental risk assessment

Baseline environmental risk assessment (aspects & impacts) for an underground gold and poly-metals mining operation, and associated support operations and infrastructure.

Geocycle (Costa Rica)

Hazard and Operability study (HAZOP)

Hazard and Operability study (HAZOP) for the transportation, handling and storage of a range of liquid and solid hazardous wastes.

Anglo American (Brazil)

Bow tie assessments

Execution of approximately ten bow-tie risk assessments for critical risks of the operation, including fall of ground, pedestrian-vehicle interactions, and dust exposure.

Ecom (Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, Tanzania, Vietnam and Uganda)

Water and wastewater management strategy

Water and wastewater management strategy for 18 coffee mills to comply with IFC standards and country legal requirements. Support includes, amongst others, the design of wastewater options, selection of local suppliers, training of sampling methodologies, and verification of adequate implementation of improvement measures.

Purdy Motor Toyota (Costa Rica)

EHS support

EHS support for Toyota’s vehicles import, sales and servicing operations, that included the following: development of an EHS management plan based on EHS legal requirements and risk management, risk assessment, training, accident investigation, and overseeing adequate implementation of actions to be performed by others.

Rio Tinto (Worldwide)

Safety strategy

Part of the team of consultants for Site Safety Acceleration Process (SSAP), a technique developed by ERM to define the business’ safety strategy, at ten above ground and underground Rio Tinto mining sites in four countries. SSAP blends safety, fatal risk and leadership diagnostics with organizational change and performance improvement techniques to help site leaders and their teams create bespoke solutions to the challenges faced in their operation.

Anglo American (Worldwide)

Safety and Sustainable Development strategic support

Safety and Sustainable Development strategic support for Anglo American at Amapá System (Brazil), an iron ore mining operation and associated support infrastructure. Definition of EHS priorities and action plan based on regulatory requirements and Anglo American sustainability standards. Bi-monthly inspections, management safety coaching, bow tie risk assessments, hazard identification training, and incident investigations.

Migración (Costa Rica)

Ergonomic evaluation

Ergonomic evaluation for eight immigration offices across the country and a total of 228 workers. 225 evaluations of computer stations, 15 MAC evaluations (evaluation of repetitive movements), 27 evaluations ART (evaluation of manual handling of loads) and 228 anthropometric evaluations were applied. Improvements were proposed in infrastructure, training requirements and the creation of a 5S program.

Hologic Surgical Products (Costa Rica)

Risk Assessment in Health, Safety and Ergonomics

Risk Assessment in Health, Safety and Ergonomics, for 252 production job stations. A tool was developed that combined the results of ergonomic evaluations (through ART and MAC) and the analysis of other health and safety hazards. In addition, a rotation plan was developed for each line of product manufacturing in which positions with low residual ergonomic risk rotated with others of high ergonomic risk, in order to decrease the risk level.

Haynes Brands Inc. (Costa Rica)

Occupational exposure assessments

Occupational exposure assessments for noise, dust and chemical agents for three clothing manufacturing facilities.

 Bekaert (Costa Rica)

Industrial hygiene study

Industrial hygiene study that evaluated exposure of workers in the drawing area to respirable particles and, in the galvanized area, to zinc in respirable particles and hydrochloric acid vapors.