About us

We are a committed and passionate group of people that includes engineers, geologists and environmental scientists who strive to help our clients manage diverse and evolving environment and social risks and challenges.


Futuris Consulting

Karen Leitón

When you call Futuris you will most likely be greeted by Karen, our team administrator. Making the best use of her great sense of humor and cheerful spirit, she keeps the rest of the team in order. She is happiest with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, shopping or talking about her lovely niece.

Futuris Consulting

Tatiana Vega

Environmental engineer by training, Tatiana has always had a passion for health and safety, making her a well-rounded EHS professional. Our clients like her soft and well-spoken manner, which she has demonstrated to keep even through the most challenging international projects. She very often talks about her dogs and we know when she has been out on her bike (through the bruises on her legs).

Futuris Consulting

Emma Tristán

Emma is our Team Lead. She is always available for a chat about the team’s needs and development opportunities. In addition to supervising our projects, she is often thinking about strategy, doing marketing, travelling and getting involved in outreach projects. She loves nature, going to the gym and watching a good film.

Futuris Consulting

Monserrat Ureña

Safety engineer with a keen interest in ergonomics and risk assessment (in all shapes and forms). Enthusiastic, sociable, with good attention to detail, and great communicator, Monserrat is a very good team player and leader. She loves to work out, eat (she is one of those people who is bigger on the inside) and spend time at the beach.

Futuris Consulting

Alexander Goyenaga

Geologist at heart and by training, a very serious looking Alex will surprise you with a joke when you least expect it. Very organized, transparent, and always willing to help, he loves to be out and about doing soil and groundwater work. He is well known for attending every world cup (we know of, at least, the last two) and for always being listening to music.

Futuris Consulting

Ana Luisa Jiménez

Safety engineer and the youngest member of Futuris. She has demonstrated her abilities in risk assessment and in understanding legal requirements (in different countries). She will always greet you with a smile. We are no longer surprised to see people say hello to her everywhere we go… Her family is clearly a priority for her and she will always enjoy a good Caribbean-style rice and beans.

Futuris Consulting

Andrew Hunt

Andrew is our Technical Lead. His motto: a job well done involves good planning, attention to detail and review of best international practice. Not to worry, he will always be there to help (even through intense travelling) with his very characteristic British sense of humor. Loves the latest Apple gadget, being on his bike, windsurfing, but most of all, spending time with his daughters.

Futuris Consulting

Mauricio Morera

Mauricio is a chemical engineer with a particularly inquisitive mind that often leads him to research and reading. Wastewater is his thing, although he enjoys being involved in many EHS subjects. He likes a good conversation over a cup (or two) of good coffee, plays the drums and will go for a run – especially after a good Italian meal.