EHS Risk Assessment

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Environmental Risk Assessment

We carry out EHS risk assessment, using techniques from baseline assessments to Job Safety Analysis.

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Environmental Risk Assessment


  • Develop a risk assessment process to identify hazards, assess risks, and determine the effectiveness of risk controls
  • Define a clear process of when to apply risk assessment, and what tools to use
  • Lead and support risk assessments to generate meaningful evaluations about existing controls and their quality based on the involvement of people who do the work


  • Baseline risk assessment, of whole or partial operations
  • Issue and theme based risk assessment
  • Task Analysis, and field tools such as Take-5
  • Process Hazard Analysis, applying tools such as HAZOP
  • Event-based risk analysis, using tools such as Bow Tie risk assessment
  • Communication techniques to summarise key areas of concern


  • Provides risk-based priorities to inform the business strategy
  • Engages and informs personal from across the operations on the stays of EHS risks
  • Refocuses the business away from ‘reactive fire-fighting’ and onto ‘planned prevention’

Key Projects Related to EHS Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Strategy

Category: Mining & Minerals

Development of a risk assessment hierarchy, baseline EHS risk assessment for cement kilning operations, and development of in-field pre-job risk assessment tools and techniques, and later upgrade of this tool for ten different activities.

Baseline Environmental Risk Assessment

Category: Mining & Minerals

Baseline environmental risk assessment (aspects & impacts) for an underground gold and poly-metals mining operation, and associated support operations and infrastructure.

Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

Category: Oil & Gas, Chemical

Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) for the transportation, handling, and storage of a range of liquid and solid hazardous wastes.

Bow Tie Assessments

Category: Mining & Minerals

Development of approximately ten bow-tie risk assessments for critical risks of the operation, including fall of ground, pedestrian-vehicle interactions, and dust exposure.

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