Investment Environmental and Social Risk

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Investment Environmental and Social Risk

We provide interested parties with a clear view of potential consequences associated with the environment, safety and social risks

  • Environmental and Social Management Systems
  • Due diligence protocols
  • E&S risk and auditing training
  • Due Diligence audits
  • Phase I ESA audits
Investment E&S Risk

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence service provides a complete business assessment before a merger or acquisition operation, by giving strong knowledge to every involved party and the main tools to achieve a successful negotiation.



  • Provide critical EHS risk & liability analysis for mergers and acquisitions
  • Define costs and mitigating strategies to address material concerns
  • Provide investors/divestors with a strategy for enhancing the value of an asset/portfolio
  • Design and implement Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) for financial institutions


  • Phase I environmental and key safety compliance site assessments
  • Review of key safety & health risks and liabilities
  • Applying international leading practice, e.g. US ASTM, EU risk based
  • Detailed records and background searches on target facility/entity
  • Reporting to specific investor needs: corporate; venture capitalists; banks; vendors
  • Technical follow-up, including full Phase II & remediation capability
  • Collaboration with the wider due diligence team
  • Rapid field mobilisation; concise, focused and swift reporting


  • Investors fully aware of EHS risks, costs, mitigation strategies=strong negotiating position
  • Strong basis for vendors and investors to address issues and enhance the value of their portfolio
  • No surprises, contributing to the success of a transaction.

Key Projects Related to Investment Environmental and Social Risk

ESMS for Financial Institutions

External support to supervise implementation of environmental and social management system (ESMS) of ten financial institutions, based on IFC and EDFI Harmonized Standards. Assessment of the level of ESMS implementation; due diligence evaluations of potential FI’s to be included in the portfolio; and provision of technical assistance to key FI’s in which Norfund has vested interest.

ESMS for a Leasing Company

Development and support on implementation of an environmental and social management system (ESMS) for a leasing company. Training to all personnel in the E&S processes and field training on specifically developed protocols to help risk analysts for due diligence evaluations of medium risk potential investments. Training of internal personnel reduced substantially the dependence on external experts.

ESMS for Bank

Development and implementation of an environmental and social risk management system (ESMS) for a bank. Focus on riskier sectors (agriculture and construction). Training to all personnel in the E&S processes and to management in the importance and relevance of ESMS in current business. Field training on specifically developed protocols to risk analysts.

Phase I Environmental and Key H&S Due Diligence

Phase I environmental and key health and safety due diligence for the privatization of San Juan airport, Puerto Rico, on behalf of Waterman UK, for a banking consortium.

Phase I Post-acquisition Due Diligence

Phase I post-acquisition due diligence and environment, health and safety compliance assessment of a medical devices manufacturing facility.

ESMS for Financial Institution

Development and support in the implementation of the Environment and Social Management System (ESMS) for Banco Nacional (on-going project). To date, a gap analysis has been performed to develop a tailor-made implementation process for the Bank. Once this stage is concluded, a draft policy, responsibilities, objectives and performance indicators will be developed. Then, the due-diligence level will be defined which will be proportional to the intrinsic level of E&S risk of the activity to be financed and the financial exposure with the particular client. Following the definition of the due-diligence level, specific protocols will be developed to help the credit analysts perform the evaluations. After that, the management team, sales representatives and credit analysts will be trained. Finally, training and monitoring plans will be developed and an internal audit will be performed.

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