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About Futuris Consulting

Environment, Health, Safety

Futuris Consulting is a sustainability consulting company based in Costa Rica that provides services for Latin America in environmental, social, and health and safety. Futuris has a multidisciplinary team of sustainability consultants: engineers and geologists willing to explore diverse and evolving challenges.

Our Team of  Sustainability Consultants

emma tristan futuris consulting costa rica


Emma is our Team Lead. She is always available for a chat about the group’s needs and development opportunities. In addition to supervising our projects, she is often thinking about business strategy, traveling and making sure her girl’s homework is done (common mum’s multitasking). She loves art, going to the gym and watching a good film.


Mariela is a health and safety engineer with a mild obsession for keeping up with the news. She is the founder of Futuris’ Reading Club and usually enjoys reading a book with a cup of good coffee early in the office. She is known for her taste for teaching, as well as her teamwork and project management skills.

mariela saenz futuris consulting costa rica


When you call Futuris you will most likely be greeted by Karen, our team administrator. Karen keeps things around the office tidy, with a good sense of humor and her free and joyful spirit. She is always happy to share a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, go shopping or talk about her children.


Jurgen talks with his hands, as if he were Italian, sings in the shower and hums as he writes. His German name is a false clue to his place of birth: Jurgen was born in a cinema in the southern neighborhoods of San José. Or so it seems. He does not like the sun but he does like photography, he directs films from time to time and is our communication director.

carlos barquero equipo futuris
natalia benavides consulting costa rica


Natalia is an environmental engineer. Her favorite fields are waste management and environmental impact assessments. She has always felt attracted toward social sciences and community work as well. She enjoys a good book, a mountain walk or a nap. She is a very helpful person, willing to collaborate with what is needed.


Carlos has a bachelor’s degree in environmental health and a master’s degree in occupational health. He enjoys working with his teammates and is always ready to help out in any project. He likes outdoor activities and discovering new places. He loves animals, especially dogs.

carlos barquero equipo futuris
valeria calderón equipo futuris


Valeria is a health and safety engineer. She loves being in contact with different people and the wonderful challenge of making workplaces safer. She loves her pets and enjoys a good read, a sunny afternoon, and a coffee. She is very organized and always ready to help.


Carloscar is cheerful, charismatic and a great conversationalist. He always sees the positive side of things. Being an anthropologist, he is passionate about cultural and social issues, as well as outdoor life and board games. He thinks there is never a bad time to have a cup of coffee, or several, during the day. He enjoys listening to music and being informed of the news.

carlos barquero equipo futuris


Kristel is an occupational health and safety engineer. Amongst the many aspects of her work, she enjoys the possibility of improving the environmental conditions of the places she visits. She loves the playful and unpredictable gestures of cats, eating sushi, and making chocolates and pastries on weekends.

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