Corporate Sustainability Strategy

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Corporate Sustainability Strategy

We identify and help manage our client’s environmental, safety and social priorities based on stakeholder requirements.

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Business EHS Strategy


  • Develop credible & risk-based business EHS strategies
  • Develop EHS leadership capabilities
  • Embed EHS risk management into day-to-day business and operational decisions


  • Ground-up performance reviews
  • Top-down management engagement sessions
  • Leadership workshops for supervisors, managers, directors
  • Detailed analysis of the EHS performance reality
  • Review of EHS management strengths & weaknesses


  • Enhanced EHS leadership skills
  • Enhanced EHS ownership and accountability
  • EHS strategies aligned with business needs, risks & capabilities
  • Catalyst for cultural step-change
  • Transparency and assurance of EHS performance

Wastewater Management


  • Provide wastewater management solutions
  • Develop strategies to meet investors’ standards (e.g. IFC) and local compliance standards
  • Optimize wastewater treatment processes through a critical review of the process


  • Wastewater treatment system design
  • Wastewater sampling and analysis using certified laboratories
  • Wastewater treatment optimization and process reviews


  • Wastewater management strategies
  • Comprehensive support for wastewater, including multi/site coordination
  • Engagement with all interested parties (e.g. investors, regulators)

Key Projects Related to Sustainability Strategy

(Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Uganda)

Water and Wastewater Management Strategy

Category: Food & Drink

Water and wastewater management strategy for 18 coffee mills to comply with IFC standards and country legal requirements. Support includes, amongst others, the design of wastewater options, selection of local suppliers, training of sampling methodologies, and verification of the adequate implementation of improvement measures.

EHS Support

Category: Commercial & Retail

EHS support for Toyota’s vehicles import, sales and servicing operations, that included the following: development of an EHS management plan based on EHS legal requirements and risk management, risk assessment, training, accident investigation, and overseeing adequate implementation of actions to be performed by others.

Safety Strategy

Category: Mining & Minerals

Part of the team of consultants for Site Safety Acceleration Process (SSAP), a technique developed by ERM to define the business’ safety strategy, at ten above ground and underground Rio Tinto mining sites in four countries. SSAP blends safety, fatal risk and leadership diagnostics with organizational change and performance improvement techniques to help site leaders and their teams create bespoke solutions to the challenges faced in their operation.

Safety and Sustainable Development Strategic Support

Category: Mining & Minerals

Safety and Sustainable Development strategic support for Anglo American at Amapá System (Brazil), an iron ore mining operation and associated support infrastructure. Definition of EHS priorities and action plan based on regulatory requirements and Anglo American sustainability standards. Bi-monthly inspections, management safety coaching, bow tie risk assessments, hazard identification training, and incident investigations.

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