Environmental Impact and Social Assessment (ESIA) & Permitting

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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) & Permitting

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and identification of legal compliance requirements for operations start-up.

Environmental and social Impact Assessment (ESIA) & Permitting costa rica

Environmental Impact Assessment

An environmental impact assessment identifies all the positive and negative consequences that an activity may have on the natural and social environment. Then a planning of the mitigating and corrective actions has to be done to achieve a balance that transforms the project into a liable one.



  • Evaluate the environmental and social impact of proposed new developments and activities
  • Identify the major protect impacts, and identify mitigation strategies
  • Provide the underlying data for development licenses and operating permits by environmental authorities


  • Preliminary environmental and social impact assessments
  • Full Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Full Social Impact Assessments
  • A multidisciplinary team, combining subject matter experts
  • Close collaboration with the wider development team
  • Clear, concise mitigation strategies and management plans, followed-through into the operations phase


  • Provides an essential base for a wide range of development planning and permissions
  • Close team collaboration means outputs and management plans make sense to the operations
  • Credible assessments that can withstand stakeholder scrutiny

Emergency Planning


  • Assess all cornerstones of an Emergency Plan: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery
  • Ensure adequate infrastructure, resources to support the Plan
  • Provide adequate competencies and awareness to apply the Plan
  • Meet and exceed local regulatory standards and apply NFPA when required


  • Emergency Management Plans that detail prevention, preparedness, response and recovery
  • Emergency Response Plans that are concise and user-friendly
  • Define the emergency response team and develop competencies
  • Procedures for controlling and maintaining supplies and equipment; support in selecting such equipment
  • Crisis management, tabletop exercises, and realistic drills


  • Emergency Plan specifically tailored to your worksite
  • User-friendly Emergency Response Plans
  • Compliance with international standards, including NFPA
  • Emergency Plans designed to protect health, lives, property and the environment

Operating Permits


  • Determine and help through obtaining the EHS requirements to establish operations in Costa Rica and other Central American countries
  • Provide practical guidance on how to most efficiently apply and obtain operating permits and other requirements


  • If a facility or operations require construction or will establish itself in an existing building: Environmental Impact Assessment
  • If a facility or operations have over 50 employees: Health and Safety Management Plan
  • If a facility or operations has over 20 occupants: Emergency Plan
  • If a facility will generate hazardous waste: Waste Management Plan
  • Other permits required may include: wastewater discharge permit, water abstraction permit, boiler permit, fuel storage tank permit


  • Obtaining the required permits to start or continue operations in a timely manner
  • Partnerships with clients to work effectively and efficiently
  • Added value: not just a paperwork exercise

EHS Support


  • Guide and drive a business to high standards of EHS compliance and risk management
  • Ensure that there is top-down EHS leadership and strategy
  • Embed EHS risk management into day-to-day business decisions


  • Development of a risk-based business EHS strategy
  • Developing leading-edge EHS management processes/programmes
  • Establish core components of a solid EHS management system
  • Active & engaging at all levels of a business – operators to leadership
  • Identify ‘change agents’ who can support culture development
  • Developing competencies through workshops, coaching, mentoring
  • Overseeing regulatory permissions and submissions


  • Develop leading EHS strategies for your business
  • Enhanced compliance and risk management performance
  • A continual external perspective on your business EHS performance
  • Access all of Futuris skills & knowledge for one monthly fee

Key Projects Related to ESIA & Permitting

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Permitting

Category: Infrastructure & Construction

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and subsequent environmental operating permits for the greenfield construction and operation of a medical devices facility. Development of an erosion management to be used during the construction phase.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Category: Pharmaceutical & Health Care

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, based on local compliance requirements and IFC standards, of the Juan Santamaría International Airport, to be used to determine priorities for the airport expansion.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Permitting

Category: Industrial Manufacturing

Environmental Impact Assessment (D1 process) and management of the environmental, safety and health operating permit process for an ink manufacturing business.

Resource Potential Evaluation

Category: Mining & Minerals

Evaluation of the resource potential of a proposed limestone extraction project, and definition of the key permit submissions and approvals process.

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