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The services we provide our clients throughout Central America

Contaminated Land

Diagnosis, Characterization and Remediation

Futuris has a wide experience working in the characterization and remediation of contaminated soils with hydrocarbons and heavy metals in Costa Rica and Panama. In Costa rica, our technical and regulatory knowledge let us follow up a contaminated land situation with the environmental authorities, looking for an environmental solution without closing the business’ operations. Our primarily clients with this service are manufacturing industries and gas stations. We have also specialize appliying bio-remediation in gas stations, which is a in-situ remediation technique that doesn’t require to remove the soil.

  • Establish the nature and extent of soil & groundwater contamination
  • Cost-effective risk based contaminated land management strategies
  • Remediation strategies to protect human health and environment
  • Phase II assessments (ASTM E1903, CONCAWE 2003)
  • Internationally recognized contaminated land assessment methods
  • Soil & groundwater sampling & analysis by certified laboratories
  • Conceptual Site Models, hidrogeology characterization and vulnerability
  • Tiered Approach for contaminated land characterization (RBCA ASTM E2081, ASTM E1739)
  • Quantitative risk assessment models for human health and groundwater (e.g. HESP, CLEA, AERIS)
  • Management of contaminated land investigation and remediation by Futuris
  • Risk assessment to identify cost-effective contaminated land
  • Leading edge, highly credible, skilled and experienced team

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