Core Services

The services we provide our clients throughout Central America

Management Systems

Planning every aspects’ management in your business

Our professionals have experience developing and implementing emergency plans, waste management plans and risk management plans in Central and South America. Most of this management plans are also required in the legal regulations.

  • Establish a robust Plan-Do-Check-Review cycle for EHS issues embedded within existing business processes
  • Enable a business operations to reliably deliver compliance, risk control and impact reduction
  • Obtain certification to internationally renowned standards and/or meet corporate standards
  • Base line gap analysis against standards such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SEMS
  • Develop a cross-business strategy to address gaps
  • Top-down development of senior leadership skills and line management responsibilities & competencies
  • Bottom-Up change agents in the field to initiate behavioural  change
  • Maintain a continual focus on performance, avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Enhanced EHS performance: compliance, risk management, impact reduction
  • EHS programs lead from the top, as genuine business issues
  • Certification that has value, not just as a piece of paper on the wall

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