Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence costa rica

Quantify your risks before investing

Robust environmental due diligence is critical to making successful investment decisions. Futuris provides world class EHS due diligence consulting services to evaluate the EHS issues of your target entity, its assets, activities, operations and products.


Our Due Diligence Services comprise of:

  • Pre-transaction Planning
  • Environmental Due Diligence Audits
  • Reporting and Transaction Support
  • Health and Safety Due Diligence
  • Post-transaction Support

“Excellent job. Significant added value, high level of knowledge in the area of focus, and excellent attention. Very professional team that manages very well the presentations to Mesoamerica, the client and the target company. Very good at meeting their targets. As a result of their work, the most relevant finding of the due diligence process was identified.”

Reynaldo Gonzalez, Manager, Mesoamerica Partners, Costa Rica

“Futuris have a proven record in understanding both our, and our clients’, needs in delivery of comprehensive good quality environmental due diligence reports. Their experience ensures key issues are clearly identified and that the proposed corrective actions are appropriate to the industry and the associated risk of the finding.”

Mark Gibson, Associate Director, Waterman Environmental, London