Disaster Risk Management

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Disaster Risk Management

We identify hazards using geographic information systems, reduce vulnerability training communities and integrate risk reduction criteria in land planning processes.

We identify hazards and vulnerability with a territorial approach, using geographical information systems. This process allows us to develop skills in local, municipal and regional committees and integrate risk management to land planning, with a focus on risk reduction.

With the purpose of strengthening disaster risk management at the municipal level, Futuris Consulting offers their clients:

  • Hazard and vulnerability characterization
  • Training for local, municipal and regional committees
  • Municipal Emergency Plans


Hazard and vulnerability characterization

Being knowledgeable about hazards and their potential impact on populations and goods, local governments must develop hazards maps that guide land planning with a disaster risk management perspective.

Local governments that characterize their hazards and vulnerability with Futuris Consulting are able to achieve:

  • Documental clarity that allow for informed decision-making
  • Visual tools that enable community comprehension
  • Information dissemination for community preparedness


Futuris Consulting carries out hazard and vulnerability characterization with the use of tools such as:

    Training for local municipal and regional committees

    Communities are, naturally, the first to respond to disasters. Futuris helps local governments harness the potential of an organizational structure for effective disaster risk management, strong preparedness and response skills and guidance for strong relationship between communities and CNE.

    Local governments that train their citizens in disaster risk management with Futuris Consulting achieve:

    • Citizen empowerement for an independent and articulate organization
    • Decreased dependency on the National Risk Management System
    • Higher community resilience to face disaster events


    These are some of the tools used by Futuris to train local, municipal and regional emergency committees:

    • Participatory community workshops for building disaster risk management skills
    • Clear, simple and flexible action protocols to strengthen preparedness and response
    • Mobile app-based communication trees
    • Disaster response logistics and shelter management

    Municipal Emergency Action Plans

    Futuris’ municipal emergency plans allow local governments to structure the actions of municipal emergency committees to reduce disaster risk. In the preparedness phase our plans secure resources, and in the response phase they overcome disaster events in articulation with all entities that take part in confronting emergencies.

    For the rehabilitation phase, Futuris trains municipal emergency committees to develop and execute Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA) plans in an effective and time sensitive manner to influence response and recovery actions, starting with the reestablishment of vital lines.

    Municipalities that develop Municipal Emergency Plans with Futuris Consulting achieve:

    • Centralized data that allows an orderly and efficient response in case of disaster
    • Documental clarity before CNE for closer guidance
    • Planning for operational continuity so that local authorities continue providing public services, even after a crisis

    Some techniques used by Futuris Consulting for the design of municipal emergency plans are:

    • Gap analysis to compare the current status against CNE regulations
    • Participatory workshops that build the necessary skills to articulate a Municipal Emergency Plan
    • Transparent and participatory methodology validation with local and municipal emergency committees
    • Drills and simulations of realistic scenarios based on identified hazards and vulnerability


      Key Projects Related to Disaster Risk Management

      Municipal Emergency Plan

      Category: Government & Public Services

      Identification of hazards, creation of response protocols and facilitation of participatory workshops for community members.

      Seismic hazard to aqueduct

      Category: Government & Public Services

      Geological mapping, landslide inventory and drafting of recommendations by hazard.

      Mobility of first response vehicles

      Category: Government & Public Services

      Identification of critical road segments and drafting of proposals for road interventions and resilient infrastructure.

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